More than 55 changes have been announced by McDonald’s for the new Big Mac that arrived in France this week: but then, at what cost? video

McDonald’s has listed more than 55 changes for this new Big Mac that arrived in France this week. The bread will now be denser, softer and baked for longer. Indeed, the bread is cooked “5 extra seconds” approves Jean-Guillame Barthola, marketing director of McDonald’s France.

“Now it’s toasted for 22 seconds for a hotter, more grilled, airier, more tender and more comforting result,” continued the announcer during the introduction of the big changes to the “McDo” burger. Large and numerous as far as the “Royal” series and cheeseburgers are concerned.

The sesame seeds drizzled over the “bun” will also be arranged differently to give a “homemade” effect.

Other aspects of the recipe have also been improved: the onions will now be cooked directly on the meat, the steaks will pass through the grill in six instead of eight, and the cheese slices will be taken out of the refrigerator sooner. More tender once inserted into the burger.

Finally, the burger’s secret sauce will be more generous than ever. It took the American fast-food giant 7 years of experimentation to arrive at this new recipe. Consumer testing was conducted in Australia and the United States prior to launch.

In total, about fifty elements of the recipe change, from the arrangement of sesame seeds, the temperature of the cheese before cooking, the number of pickles, and the weight of the Big Mac’s holy secret sauce.

Americans have been benefiting from this new recipe since 2023, and the brand’s other burgers will be modified in turn by 2026.

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