Monte-Carlo Rally: TV program and schedule for Thursday

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On the second day of the shakedown held in Gap’s hometown Sebastian Ogier (Toyota), the 92nd edition of the rally Monte Carlo It begins on Thursday, January 24, with a loop of two special stages.

In line with previous editions, the two timed divisions in question have the distinction of fighting under the light of headlights, allowing Monte-Carl to reconnect with this tradition of night specials.

The second special of the evening, Beyoncé / Braziers is also the longest of this edition, covering 25.19 km. In advance, the competitors Another famous section, Thord/Saint-Genies (21.01 km) will have had the opportunity to explain itself.

Monte-Carlo Rally – Thursday’s schedule

Thursday January 25, 2024 (46.20 km)

  • 8:35 pm – SS1 – Thoard / Saint-Geniez (21.01 km)

  • 9:58 pm – SS2 – Bayons / Bréziers (25.19 km)

Monte-Carlo Rally – TV program on Thursday

Thursday January 25, 2024

  • 8:00 pm – Presentation of Rally (Canal+Sport 360)

  • 8:26 pm – Live SS1 – Thord / Saint-Genie’s (Canal+Sport 360)

  • 9:57 pm – Live SS2 – Beyonce / Braziers (Canal+Sport 360)

Friday January 26, 2024

  • 00:30 – Presentation of Rally (Canal+Sport 360)

  • 00:57 – ES1 Rebroadcast (Canal+Sport 360)

  • 02:10 – ES2 Rebroadcast (Canal+Sport 360)

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In sum

Find the day’s program for Thursday 25 January on the 2024 Monte-Carlo Rally, view the first two special stages contested at night, as well as live TV broadcast times.


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