Mia Khalifa took off her bra to hit the beach and revolutionized Instagram

Mia Khalifa She is 30 years old and Lebanese, although she has lived in Great Britain for many years. She gained fame through pornography, such as videos, photos and movies. A few years ago, he decided to walk away from that world and start over with additional, millions of followers.

Mia’s social networks receive millions of likes and thousands of comments on all her publications. Currently, she has 27.8 million followers on Instagram, and there she posts her daily life, her different jobs, her great luxury, her fun and happy moments and her most trendy and sexy looks.

On this occasion, Mia Khalifa shared, through Instagram Stories, a channel she uses every day with dozens of stories and chats with her followers, a photo of herself in the Caribbean. A Lebanese model poses on her back on the beach, wading into the ocean with the sky, sea and sea cliffs in the background.

The pose was normal, as she walked, the unusual thing is that Mia wore only her bikini bottom and went into the sea without a bra. She wore a black mini bikini and paired it with her classic body chain that ran from her bust and stomach to her waist and hips.

Mia composed a musical for the Disney movie, Moana, with the song How Far I’ll Go by Auli Cravalho. Considering it is located on the beach.

Without a doubt, the look highlighted Mia’s figure from her legs and hips to her hips, waist and back. The model knows how to get everyone’s attention on social networks.

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