MEPs adopt a limit of 100km/h

This is a view that will undoubtedly cause much debate. Indeed, the European Parliament adopts a 100 km/h limit on the highways of European Union countries. We tell you everything here.

If some still had doubts about the fact that European Union Trying to drive cars off roads, here we have proof. Because without getting too far ahead of ourselves, we can already say that this decision must be made Very poorly received by different populations in Europe.

Extraordinary vote

So it’s official, From January 1, 2025, speed on motorways will now be limited to 100 kmph. On all highways of European Union countries. And France will not escape it. The objective is simple, Reducing CO2 emissions vehicles and Bring more safety to our highways and thus reduces mortality.
In its press release, the European Parliament declared “This speed limit on motorways of 100 km/h is a big step in terms of road safety and the fight against global warming. This will significantly reduce the number of deaths on the highways of the Union. The goal is to bring us closer to our initial objective of 0 deaths on Union roads by 2050.
Everyone will make good or bad decisions. What is certain is that this is a decision taken by Parliament Will definitely be discussed. This is another blow to French and European drivers who are once again subject to driving restrictions.

Watch out for fines!

Beware of those who like to break the rules. If some had a glimmer of hope while observing discussions of a possible increase in the 150 km/h speed limit in France, everyone quickly cooled.
Since no return is possible from January 1, 2025, That’s 100 km/h, no more! For those who do not want to respect this new limit, Parliament also plans to drastically increase the cost of fines for speeding on motorways. For additions between 0 and 10 km/hrThe amount will be €90 and a deduction of two points on the licence. No 10 to 20 km/hrwill be fined €135 And withdrawal of four points. For speed between 20 and 30 km/h The penalty will be steep, we’re talking here €400 and a six-point takedown.
Let’s take a step back from the situation. With more stringent measures affecting the automotive industry affecting both manufacturers and consumers, imagine for a moment that this news is true. Because if you’ve gotten this far, it’s because it piqued your curiosity as something plausible.

Because I only have one thing left to say, yes, it’s April 1st!

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