Medical franchise, end of green sticker, reassessment of RSA: Here’s what changes from April 1

Doubling the medical franchise, increasing social benefits, reducing assistance for installing a boiler, stove or fireplace: here are the measures that come into effect this Monday, April 1.

Doubling of medical deductible

Faced with shrinking Social Security accounts, the government announced in January that it would pay the insured a little more for their healthcare use. By increasing the uncompensated portion. therefore, Double the medical deductible – amount payable by the patient -, It came into effect from March 31. This franchise passes From 50 cents to one euro on every box of medicines. The surcharge on medical transport has also doubled from 2 to 4 euros.

According to government estimates, this move should save 800 million euros for the social security fund.

Assessed social benefits

Social benefits increase from this Monday. Active solidarity income (RSA), activity bonus, family allowance or allowance for disabled adults (AAH): they increase by 4.6% due to inflation.

End of “bonus-malus” of supplementary pension

There is a temporary “penalty” of 10% applied from 2019 on the supplementary pensions of many retirees. This was deleted on April 1. It had already stopped applying to all new retirees from December 1.

Established in a period of tight finances, the measure was intended to encourage employees to work an extra year even though they met the legal conditions for full-rate leave. Otherwise, they saw their pension cut by 10% for three years. A “bonus” applies to those who work an additional two to four years.

Reduction in assistance for installation of boiler, stove or fireplace

MaPrimeRénov’ personal assistance for the purchase of wood heating appliances 30% off from 1st April.

Thomas Parisin, vice president of the French Union of Biomass Boiler Makers (SFCB), confirms that this 30% reduction from April 1 “Bercy’s desire to save money” While the cabinet of Agnes Penier-Runacher, former Minister of Energy Transition, highlights the danger of the future running out of wood due to the success of this aid.

Stoves, inserts, logs or pellet boilers: about 7.3 million French homes are heated with wood today. This is more than in 2013 (6.6 million households).

End of rent shield

The Rent Reference Index (IRL), published by INSEE, caps the annual rent increases that landlords can apply to their tenants. From the summer of 2022, the “Shield” limits increases in IRL to 3.5% for mainland France, 2% for Corsica and 2.5% for overseas departments.

This cover was extended till March 31, 2024. The variation in IRL is therefore not limited to 3.5% (for mainland France) from April 1, 2024, while inflation is falling (3% over a year in February).

The end of the green sticker

No more displaying a green sticker on your windshield! From this April 1, It is no longer mandatory. On the other hand, car or motorcycle insurance is mandatory and essential. In case of investigation, the police can check the insurance through the insured vehicle file (FVA) along with the license plate.

Technical inspection of two wheelers

Since then April 15, 2024, technical inspection becomes mandatory every three years for two-wheelers. This measure also concerns motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. If they fail to comply with the new rules, drivers risk a fine of 135 euros.

The deadline for technical inspection depends on the year of registration:

  • December 31, 2024 for pre-2017 models
  • December 31, 2025 for vehicles registered between 2017 and 2019
  • and December 31, 2026 for the most recent

The design of periodic protection must now be detailed

Tampons, towels, menstrual cups: manufacturers of some 2.8 billion feminine intimate protection products sold each year in France Now their composition should be detailed on the packaging or instructions for use. The decree, which takes effect on April 1, was published in the Official Journal in late December. He plans “The authorized period for sale of stocks already placed in the market is till December 31“, DGCCRF clarified.

A woman who indicates fraud suppression “Uses 6,000 to 13,000 disposable intimate protection products during their lifetime” And “Information on good methods of formulation and use” is essential to “prevent the risk of toxic shock syndrome”..

End of winter break

The winter break that started on November 1, 2023 is no longer applicable from March 31. For five months, a landlord cannot evict a tenant for unpaid rent, nuisance or non-compliance with co-ownership rules. The move was intended to protect people who might find themselves homeless During the winter season.

End of digital advertising in Lyon transport

Digital Billboard “will go out” And the TCL will be gradually withdrawn from the Lyon public transport network. is the objective “Reduce your carbon footprint and act in favor of energy efficiency”Detailed to Sytral Mobilités, the local authority in charge of transport.

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