Maisons du Monde has the perfect piece of furniture to save space and store all your belongings – the tuxboard

Maisons du Monde has the perfect piece of furniture to save space and store all your belongings

Do you need storage furniture? Good news, Maisons du Monde hits hard with this ultra-modern sideboard!

Homes of the world Continues to put new products on sale for its loyal customers. The firm hits hard with this ultra-modern sideboard, which makes storage easy.

Maisons du Monde is growing

Like Ikea, Homes of the world A hit in France. This type of firm causes excitement because of the numerous decorations and furnishings they offer.

Sales at this distributor of furniture and decorative items continue to grow. It must be said that there is no shortage of new products! Everything is there to warm the house.

Even if the sale is over, the brand offers great deals on its new collections as well. Like the solid suer wood mask that adds an “ethnic” touch to your living room.

As well as colorful furniture! Like the blue “play” sofa in the new collection of ” Homes of the world ” For 39.99 euros there is also a blue metal “Happy” chair. Not forgetting all the rugs that make the living room more welcoming.

As well as a padded headboard to add to your bedroom as a decorative element, for less than €90. And if you need storage, that’s not a problem. Even if your living room is often messy! Because the brand has everything you need.

indeed, houses of the world Sells furniture with modern design. It is able to store many things. It is a beautiful sideboard that has the merit of being practical. So it brings style and storage to the living room.

It is a discreet and modern piece of furniture, which catches the eye due to its refined style. It has a very geometric shape with clean lines. So the room becomes more chic.

A very modern buffet

This piece of furniture also has a light wood finish. Which makes it even more beautiful. There are two drawers and two shelves that have room to store everything you need. Like your household appliances.

Not at this buffet Homes of the world, you can store your dishes there, which takes up space. You can also store books and personal documents there. or consoles or computers.

It can also be used as decoration by placing small vases, candles and flowers. So you understand, this piece of furniture will just add pep to your living room. There are also some nice details.

Like door handles and drawer knobs that are made of metal. To put the buffet Homes of the world » In the living room, there is nothing simple, because it is easy to assemble. So much so that you can assemble it yourself.

But be careful about its weight as it weighs 60 kg. once again, Homes of the world hit too hard. The brand knows how to please those who want an original and modern design.

This nugget has it all, as it fits into many rooms in your home. In the bedroom or even in the bathroom, if it’s big enough.

For the price, it remains reasonable. Because the decoration firm offers this piece of furniture for less than 250 euros. Quite interesting isn’t it!

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