List of all main voice actors and actresses for The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 You have a lot of characters, some of which actually last until the end. But if you’re playing a post-apocalyptic survival game, you might wonder who makes the noise. So, here is a list of all the main voice actors and actresses The Last of Us Part 2.

List of all main voice actors and actresses for The Last of Us Part 2

This Last of Us Part 2 Not only does it feature the return of Troy Baker as Joel and Ashley Johnson as Ellie, several other characters return from the original, played by the same actors. However, as well Resident Evil In the remake, some characters use different face models for their voice actors.

Voice actors and cast list for Eli and Dina, The Last of Us Part 2

Ashley Johnson as Ellie Williams

Five years after the events of The Last of Us Part I, Ellie has grown up. She is still immune to the fungus but has tattooed her bite to hide her condition. As the game makes clear, he’s not someone you want to cross. She is played by Ashley Johnson who has plenty of TV, movie and video game roles to her name, most recently as Calliope. Stray Gods A musical game.

Troy Baker as Joel Miller

Joel, played by Troy Baker, is the protagonist of the first game, the guy who escorts and bonds with Ellie, who has become a father figure of sorts – although not on the best of terms due to his actions in the end. The Last of Us Part I. Actor Troy Baker has had a ridiculous number of video game roles, so you’ll find plenty of games that don’t feature him. He also made a cameo appearance as HBO’s Cannibal The Last of Us category

Laura Bailey as Abby

Abby, the game’s co-protagonist, is understandably upset at what Joel’s actions cost her at Firefly Hospital, so she seeks revenge. This is quite a heavy revenge game. She’s played by Laura Bailey, and, even if you don’t recognize the name, you’ve probably heard her in something you’ve played. Bailey is even more prolific than Troy Baker, with over 500 acting credits to his name. For me, he will always be the boss Saints row 3 Next

Shannon Woodward as Dina

Dina is Eli’s girlfriend who perhaps unwisely accompanies Eli on his quest for revenge. We are sure that they will have a happy ending and nothing bad will happen. honest. She is played by Shannon Woodward, who has worked mostly in TV and film, including roles in Westworld And Raise hope, as opposed to video games. Given that these games feature so much motion capture, it makes sense.

Ian Alexander as Lev

Along with his sister Yara, Lev accompanies Abby for part of her journey, which in turn brings them all into conflict with the wolves. The Seraphites, the sect he was raised in, are not okay with who Lev is, so he and his sister run away. He is played by Ian Alexander, who is currently appearing Star Trek: Discovery As a gray rhythm.

Patrick Fugit as Owen

Owen is Abby’s ex, who is now dating his pregnant girlfriend Mel, which wouldn’t be awkward at all. Like Abby and Mel, he is a member of the Wolves, the Washington Liberation Front. He is played by Patrick Fugit, whose TV and movie acting career spans over 25 years, including roles in Gone Girl And We bought a zoo.

They are the characters with the most screen time, but there are many more, from Joel’s brother Tommy to the leader of the wolves Isaac. They keep going in and out of the story but The Last of Us Part II Focuses on the pairings of Ellie and Deanna and Abby and Lev.

Here are all the other named characters and their respective actors. Marlene, played by Merle Dandridge, appears in flashbacks and is the only person who played the same role in the game as in HBO’s show.

  • Joel – Troy Baker
  • Mail – Ashley Burch
  • Eli – Ashley Johnson
  • Jordan – Pursue Austin
  • Jerry – Derek Phillips
  • Mike -Reuben Langdon
  • Tommy -Jeffrey Pierce
  • Portable Gamer Girl -Maggie McDonald
  • Jesse -Stephen Chang
  • Marlene – Merle Dandridge
  • Maria – Ashley Scott
  • Emily – Emily Swallow
  • Seth – Robert Clotworthy
  • Yara – Victoria Grace
  • Diane – Shannon Woodward
  • Lev – Ian Alexander
  • AB – Laura Bailey
  • Even – Patrick Fugit
  • Manny – Alejandro Edda
  • Nora – Chelsea Tavares
  • Isaac -Jeffrey Wright

It is a list of all main voice actors and actresses The Last of Us Part 2. And if you’re wondering how old Ellie is in the game, here’s your answer.

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