LEGO Islands will only affect LEGO Fortnite in one way

Moderation of player-made LEGO Islands and the creation of official LEGO Islands authorities will only affect the main LEGO Fortnite mode in one way.

The LEGO Group and Epic Games’ partnership in Fortnite recently expanded to include the debut of LEGO Islands which features a variety of official islands and player-created islands with separate gameplay from a survival-based mode called LEGO Fortnite.

While this may seem like a lot for the Epic Games team to handle, we were assured during a recent roundtable discussion with LEGO Fan Media that the release of the official LEGO Islands will not negatively impact LEGO Fortnite.

“They’re two separate teams,” says Jesse Merriam, senior director of production for LEGO Fortnite at Epic Games. “We talk, discuss and coordinate but the rhythm of one’s output does not necessarily interfere with or affect the rhythm of the other.


“We’re continuing to try to find ways that when one of us posts something, we add it to the collective toy box and that’s something we want to develop more of over time. We don’t have to choose between LEGO Islands and LEGO Fortnite. Both have complete teams.

The upcoming addition of a vehicle to drive parts in LEGO Fortnite adds weight to this statement and it looks like players have nothing to worry about. The only impact LEGO Islands will have on LEGO Fortnite is adding resources and tools for developers to use, according to Merriam.

LEGO Fortnite is now available to play in Fortnite, along with LEGO Islands, and the Roundtable interview also confirmed that IP themes are an “important priority” for LEGO Fortnite.

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