LEC Spring Split: BDS Convinces, Dominates Remake of G2 Finals

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Team Heretics vs Team BDS: The Return of BDS

A match between Heretics looking to confirm their good start to the Spring Split with a benchmark performance and BDS trying to regain their form from the Winter Split.

There is nothing special to note for the first game drafts except for Adam’s Twisted Fate which is very surprising for a French top laner.

The first minutes of the match are in favor of BDS, Adam’s Twisted Fate and Nook’s Karma make BDS a dual priority. Thanks to this, Adam is able to help his team steal the dragon launched by the Heretics and win the skirmish that ensues. During the following stages, BDS uses the power of Adam’s Pick very well. We leave the third dragon to take resources from the map, especially towers. BDS is in control Like the action that takes place in the 27th minute.

A newly reorganized phase against the dragon, The heretics try twice to capture the BDS player using the final of Varus after Oriana. BDS doesn’t hesitate and rushes to get Baron Nashor. The heretics seek to punish, but lose the battle due to lack of ultimate. After that, BDS calmly managed their lead and won in 35 minutes. Both teams proposed A good League of Legends where positioning around neutral objectives was the main reason. In this game, BDS was the strongest.

The second match is quite unique. Heretics prefer an early game oriented composition, But once in a rift, they don’t play games. They are very passive, and let BDS control the match. With their venom, BDS takes the initiative every time and it pays. They completely erase dull heritis in 25 minutes.

Thanks to this victory, BDS continues its journey in the upper bracket and will face Jom this evening. Heretics will face SK in a survival match this Spring Split.

G2 Esports vs MAD Lions KOI: MAD attempts without success

This final match of the upper bracket is a remake of the Winter Split final. If G2 is still as strong, this statement does not hold true for the MAD Lions, who had a very difficult start to the Spring Split.

In the draft of the first game, however, there are no major surprises on the G2 side Elyoya’s ranger is out in the jungle. This is a risky bet on MAD’s part, the jungler must move quickly if he wants to survive in this matchup.

During the first 20 minutes of the game, we can believe in this Ranger bet, MAD G2 is doing a lot of good by punishing some of the players mistakes. However, G2 isn’t a team that has dominated Europe all these years for nothing. Thanks to good macros, G2 stays in the match, and keeps in touch with the Golds. During the first team fight against the dragon, we see that the Ranger pick is completely useless, No harm, no resistance, the predator becomes the prey. G2 played calmly, and won in 28 minutes against the helpless MAD Lions.

The Spaniards do not give up, and try a new experience: Varus Top of Myrn. Quickly in the match, the cards are cut in half. On the one hand, the G2 presses hard on the top side, And completely destroys Varus, Myrn can’t play her 1v1. On the other hand, the MAD Lions take advantage, with Xayah de Supa in place. Better negotiated by midgame MAD, Caps get caught near the t2 peak of the MAD for those who benefit from it To retrieve Baron Nashor. Then we think we’re headed to Game 3 Until Supa is caught To the opposing blue buff (22nd minute of the game). From this point on, G2 will make good use of their solo laner dynamics (Twisted Fate and Talia) to move MAD around the map. The Spanish make mistakes and get caught. After another battle on Myron, G2 wins an easy team fight on the power play and the match is over at 31 minutes.

without trembling, G2 are going to face Fnatic What promises to be a very good summit meeting. beside them, The MAD Lions must play GiantX for their survival in this Spring Split.


LEC Spring Split: Playoffs Begin!

After 3 weeks of the regular season and two teams eliminated, the Spring Split Playoffs can begin! The remaining 8 competitors have two objectives: win the division and represent the LEC internationally by qualifying for a mid-season invite!

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