“Leave your nerve!”, Maduro’s brazen response to global condemnation of electoral arbitrariness

Nicolás Maduro. Photo: Courtesy

Nicolás Maduro responded on his television show this Monday to the global condemnation of electoral arbitrariness that has hampered the presidential candidacy of Corina Yoris, the candidate of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD).

“There’s nerve in Washington, there’s nerve in minority names, there’s nerve in the territorial right. Let your nerves go! Venezuela has one of the most reliable electoral systems in the world. Declare what you want, but Venezuela will have free elections,” Maduro remarked before state television cameras.

According to a Chavista spokesperson, “I presented the only work plan of registered candidates because I wrote it with the people, not by last name, not by the oligarchs, not by Washington. “The only one who can stand up and publish a coherent government plan is us, and no one else.”

Maduro asserted that “out of the ten PUD parties, all their spokespersons are on the gringo’s payroll. They are all mercenaries, they are not politicians who have a principle, an ideology, a project for the country, no, they are just hate, Insists on the old plan of division, internal conflict, Gerrimba, coup, but no. There are conditions for that and we will stop it. “An atmosphere of peace and elections will reign in Venezuela with absolute guarantee.”

To excuse himself from criticism, Maduro said that “I don’t have time to waste on the complications of the right, the extreme right and the opposition, that’s it. Here, it is up to us to work for the progress, growth, improvement of Venezuela and no one is going to kick us out of it. Let whoever has to speak, we will always continue on our path, we are here, we have a plan, we have the people, we have the union, and they don’t let us go astray, that’s up to them. “

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