LCK Spring Split: The LCK Playoffs are off to a strong start!

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Hanwha Life Esports vs Guangdong Freaks: HLE easily wins against Brave Freaks

The first match of the LCK playoffs saw HLE, ranked third in the regular season, against the Freaks who had narrowly qualified during the final week of the competition.

The early game of this match 1 is surprisingly in favor of the Freaks. In the wake of their jungler, Cuz, the KDF continues positive actions. The first neutral objectives are for them, we also win teamfights at the Herald of Rift level. BrokenBlade’s Rek’sai has crossed the world and is used very well by DuDu, KDF toplaner. HLE composition cannot bring it down, The gap is gradually widening. We think we’ll see Freaks get the upgrade in this match 1, but His poor management of Nashor which he himself initiates costs him all his advance. Hanhwa Life doesn’t need to ask and take control of the meeting. The HLE composition has too many threats to manage, the Freaks are overwhelmed and have to concede match 1 of this BO5 after 36 minutes of play.

The second match starts like the first. Thanks for the good work Cuz, Freaks make a small advantage. however, HLE sticks, They are in control and unlike the previous match, they are more active. When they accelerate around neutral objectives, they outrun their opponents. Freaks are fighting well, but it remains insufficient against HLE who are too strong for them.

For Match 3, HLE decided to minimize any suspense. We pick aggressive champions early, like Kalista/Blitz and V/Ahri. The game ends in 23 minutes after a bloodbath that turns into a showdown.

HLE qualify for Round 2 of the playoffs, KDF’s road ends there. Cuz’s team can be happy with what they accomplished this spring split.

KT Rolster vs Dplus KIA: Never get excited about KT

A matchup between two teams that have battled all regular season to overtake each other in the general rankings. Prior to this meeting, KT Rolster was a slight favorite.

There is no madness in this first draft of BO5, which says that the return of Azir means the return of Corky. Meetings are slow to start, We exchange waves of neutral objectives and minions. The first actions take place around the dragon, These are long phases of the game, as on one side Katie uses their Corky’s poke, on the other Kingen and his Rek’sai absorb all the damage. In this game, it is Dplus KIA that will benefit, Gradually they get away from gold and dragons. Kingen’s Rek’Sai quickly becomes obscured, giving up a lot of space that Aiming’s Zeri uses very well. Despite a horrible 50/50 steal by Piocic against Baron Nashor, this doesn’t stop Diplus from scoring the first point in this BO5.

A minor adaptation to the draft KT Rolster that innovates a bit with Bdd to Weigher Mid. The start of the game is more active on both sides, we try more things. After a difficult start, KT quickly gained the advantage during teamfights against neutral objectives. KT comps completely nullifies Lucien/Nami of Diplus, Veiger cages are lethal. Despite the lead, KT remains KT and loses everything in the new 50/50 against Baron Nashor (yet in 5v4). After that, the rest of the match is played in limits. The encounter becomes tense, but KT Rolsters Nashor and then escapes with the Hextech soul. It would take a good trap set by Piocic’s Lee Sin to win in 42 minutes against a very resilient Diplus.

KT tries Veigar mid experience again, but Adds Ashe/Rumble to botlane. The bet is mostly won as Beryl destroys the first minutes of the meeting. The gap widens quickly in the golds, but Katie Baron loses again 50/50 to Nashor. In 30 minutes of play, both teams are level. The match clown goes to Fiesta, he takes a hextech soul and does an elder flip to see Katie Rolster win after 39 minutes.

After such close matches, we can expect the same from the next two matches. This was not the case at all. In the wake of Lucid and Shoemaker, the transformed Diplus will atomize the helpless Katie Rolsters. Match 4 is an exhibition, Diplus brings silver scraps After only 24 minutes. Match 5 is the Lucid (Lee Sin) and Shoemaker (Cylas) show. They dominated the match from the very first moments of the match. KT fans’ hopes were dashed after 31 minutes with their team connecting.

KT Rolster’s road to these playoffs ends early, if they weren’t heavy favorites. Little more can be expected from them. Dplus KIA continue their journey by qualifying for Round 2. They were selected by Gen.G which they will play next Wednesday, Hanwha Life Esport will face T1 this Thursday.

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