Known formations for the relay: the Blues with their best skiers, the men led by Fillon-Maillet

The French women’s biathlon team (eight silver medals, four bronze in its history) will form its best elements on Saturday to try to win the relay for the first time in its history at the World Championships in Nové Mesto (Czech Republic). The French Ski Federation (FFS) staff made the announcement on Friday afternoon during the race scheduled for 1:45 pm.

Thus, it is Lou Jeanmonot, crowned world champion in the single mixed relay on Thursday, who will become the first relay runner before handing over the baton to Sophie Chauveau. In third place, we’ll find Justine Bressaz-Bouchet with three gold medals and one bronze from the start of the championship to the finish, before passing the baton to Julia Simon.

On the men’s side, Eric Perot, Fabian Claude, Emilion Jacqueline will take turns in the single mixed relay before handing the baton to the very recent world champion Quentin Fillon Mallet. They will try to repeat their performance in Oberhof (Germany) last year, where they managed to beat the Norwegians and take the title after a crazy race. Achieving the double will not be easy: the Blues have never achieved it in their history. The race will start at 4:30 PM.

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