Kimberly Loiza reveals how she loves to win men over and how she loves that they fall in love with her

Kimberly Loeza is a model and former Dancing with the Stars contestant.

Beautiful model, Kimberly Loeza, was honest with her followers and shared some clues about what she does to fall in love.

Through her Instagram stories, the dark-haired lady shared a video in which she is seen singing a song in English and took the opportunity to express her romanticism.

“I’m a romantic, even if it doesn’t seem like it, I’m old-fashioned.”

Sundari also mentioned that she likes to dedicate and dedicate songs to her.

“I like to dedicate songs and sing looking in the eyes, all Pepys,” he added.

But the surprise doesn’t end there, Kimberly also shared that she loves receiving and giving flowers, as she believes men need to be pampered too. What’s more, he mentions that he likes it when someone comes and gives him something, “It reminded me of you.”

This revelation has created a lot of interest among her followers, who are eager to find out who is or will be the lucky one who manages to win her heart, since she is single.

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