Kanye West’s architect-designed home is up for sale for $53 million


Tadao Andō: Kanye West’s architect-designed home is on sale for $53 million

Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, ​​Kanye West’s Malibu residence is currently for sale. His price: $53 million.

After purchasing the mansion in 2021 for an estimated $57 million and starting renovations (which will therefore remain unfinished), it’s little surprise to see Ye (Kanye West’s new name as of October 2021) part with this stunning abode for $53 million. .

Surprising, to say the least. Designed in a very minimalist style, this 370 square meter abode has no doors or windows. In addition, the renovation began to completely redo all the elements of the house: plumbing, electricity and heating, interior finishes… So it is an empty shell, where everything has to be redone, which is currently on the market for sale. real estate.

“It will take several million dollars to complete the work. » Jason Oppenheim, the real estate agent in charge of the sale, according to a quote that can be found on the show Sale of Sunset On Netflix.

If properties designed by Tadao Andō are highly sought after by celebrities (notably Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who didn’t hesitate to pay $200 million for one of the Japanese architect’s constructions), it seems the sale was made without regret. has come Legal action led by the former site manager, in charge of the residence’s renovation project, and who accuses artist and businessman Kanye West of working until 4 a.m. in difficult conditions, before firing the latter without legitimate reason. Facts that are contested by Ye but which force him to part with this unusual property.

Built in 2013, the house is clad in Tadao Andō’s signature concrete and anchored by 1,200 tons of construction materials, 200 tons of steel, and 12 pylons more than 18 meters deep. The three-story concrete structure is complemented by a 140 square meter terrace and stairs that lead directly to the beach. Large right-angled doors and windows face the sea, where the house’s four bedrooms once stood. In this operation, the artist is ready to realize a loss of 4 million dollars, regardless of the cost of the work carried out and also what his lawsuit against his former site manager may cost him.

Photo Credits: Roger Davis – via DIRT.COM

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