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In Las Vegas, the Missouri team won the holy grail of American football against the San Francisco 49ers after a suspenseful match. Another personality also caught the public’s attention: Taylor Swift, the NFL’s new unofficial muse.

The match was sure to have the Americans holding their breath. But after several hours of competition, the Kansas City Chiefs reached the end of the suspense by defeating the San Francisco 49ers 25 to 22 after overtime. Held in Las Vegas for the first time, the Grand Final of the National Football League (NFL), the American Football League, crowned the Chiefs for the third time in five years. This is the first time since the New England Patriots in 2004 that the franchise has retained its trophy. At the same time, another event took place in the stands: an explosion of joy from American superstar Taylor Swift, who came to support her grandson. Friend, Travis Kelce, a player on the victorious Kansas City Chiefs team.

“wonderful”, On the stadium pitch after the meeting, the singer whispered into his colleague’s ear. Since the beginning of her romance with the number 87, Taylor Swift has transferred the already almighty NFL into another dimension for several months due to her extraordinary notoriety. Currently on tour, the 34-year-old singer jumped on a jet straight after a concert in Tokyo on Saturday evening, wearing her stunning “Journey Through the Ages”. An express trip that unleashes passion and criticism. “Super-rich celebrities like Taylor Swift are destroying our planet to the detriment of the entire world. Private jets are the most climate-destroying form of transportation and the height of climate injustice.Especially estimated with the British daily Independent Hannah Lawrence of Stay Grounded, a climate movement working to reduce air travel, particularly by private jets.

But Taylor Swift wasn’t the only celebrity who stepped out for the occasion, far from it. Among the approximately 65,000 fans present at Allegiant Stadium, we saw basketball player LeBron James or singers Lana Del Rey and Beyonce. The latter also had an eye on it, after publishing on his Instagram account, at the very moment of the half-time show, a short film to be released on March 29 that revealed the new songs.

A release that has somewhat eclipsed the traditional halftime show, this time hosted by singer Usher. Revue dancers, acrobats, stilt walkers, fake dealers and pole dancers also came together during the concert in a medley that recreated his best songs with slick choreography.

On the field, it was quarterback Patrick Mahomes who was the most watched, as he won his third title, along with a third MVP distinction (Most Valuable Athlete, or best player). This victory “Very important”, The 28-year-old estimates. “Despite our struggles this season and during the play-offs, the boys never gave up,” He added, before adding Chiefs’ potential emerging “dynasty”: “We’re not done yet. We have a young team, we’ll keep moving forward.

Defenses instead took precedence over offenses during an extremely close meeting, continuing into overtime after a 19-19 tie at the end of four regulation quarters. The 49ers struck first with three points at the feet of Jack Moody and then a touchdown from Christian McCaffrey (11th minute of the 2nd quarter), who showed off his burst of speed, the grandson of Dave Sim, the vice-president. Olympic Champion 100th at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games.

Trailing 10 to 3 at halftime, the Chiefs looked tense, as Travis Kelce made an improbable jab at his coach, Andy Reid, seemingly frustrated by his underutilization. “I’ve had the best coach the game has ever had,” Kells later conceded when Andy Reid was appeased after the meeting. “He was emotional today (…) but I have five children and I know what it’s like. What I like is that he loves to play and wants to help his team win.” The latter replied.

But No. 87 recovered well afterwards: he helped his team close with a crucial move late in regulation time, then allowed the Chiefs to equalize with a kick by Harrison Butker three seconds into the period. In overtime, the 49ers took control thanks to three points on the leg, but that opened the door for the winning touchdown (six points) from McCall Hardman, which was perfectly recovered by Mahomes at the end of the game. “This game represented our season perfectly. We thanked our defense before making some good offensive choices at crucial moments. I’m proud of us for continuing to believe in him.” Mahomes said.

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