JudgeHype says goodbye to advertising, but we have to stop, guys!

After much thought, I have decided to change the business model of JudgeHype Network. For decades, advertising has allowed you to benefit from thousands of news and guides written by the team for free. It pays the editors, develops and pays the running costs of the site.

However, the rate of adblock has skyrocketed in recent years and ads are no longer enough to cope with everyday life. This means that we are paid in arrears due to lack of resources. Premium membership is not a silver bullet, especially when only 1% of players who said they wanted to support us this way actually did so. And I’m not talking about all those who said “add another payment method and we’ll subscribe”. Yes you are talking.

For great evils, great remedies. Starting tomorrow, the JH site will work without any ads. But then how do you earn your living? Well you see (suicidal ideation/on) count on!

User experience will be greatly improved. No more annoying ad trackers, banners and designs. On the other hand, friends, we have to get out the checkbook. To finance the site and be as transparent as possible, I’m pulling out all the stops. A special page will allow you to Monitor network financing in real timeFrom server hosting to editor invoices.

To continue, you must reach 100% each year for each category of expenses. Here is the state of play after the first quarter.

As you can see, we are in red (well in orange on the graph). It makes sense because the first months of the year are weak. It is a tradition in advertising.

For your information, here is what these categories correspond to:

  • Server hosting : Includes main server, dev server, outsourcing which intervenes in case of problem, domain names, cloudflare etc.
  • EQUIPMENT, SERVICES AND SOFTWARE : Licenses, software that sometimes needs to be purchased, accounting fees, computer equipment, taxes, etc.
  • Remuneration of Editors : Arcantas and Dan.
  • Development Budget : Ryushin. I already tried to get him to work for free but he doesn’t agree. Go figure why.
  • Judge hype returns : I saw a beautiful Porsche 911 the other day and honestly I could see myself behind the wheel.

How do you finance all this?

  • Premium subscription : Premium subscribers will benefit from exclusive content, with ads disappearing. Additionally, they can read some free articles in advance.
  • Newsletter : Newsletter is an integral part of JudgeHype. She continues on her way, benefiting from new content on the site. Logical since it has just been launched.
  • Sale of derivative products : A JH store will be created with lots of items to buy. We work with many partners to offer you great products whose profits will be used to finance the site.
  • attachment : If you make a purchase through our links, we earn a commission. This is already and we will continue the good plans and company. We’ll try to get you to buy wow cookbooks that you’ll never open, for example.
  • No donations : No one does it for websites anyway (okay, one or two per year).

I leave you with a company of products that will be available for purchase tomorrow. I hope many of you will support us. Otherwise, we will close the shop, because we don’t deserve it.

Heavy: Core i7, RTX 4070 Ti, 32 GB DDR5
To keep you warm in winter. In red for Diablo players.
35W wall charger for your devices
USB key to save your data
Not sure we’ll sell one but hey
15,000 mAh external battery with black and white logo. Well, especially in gray.
You’re annoying for publicity. Literally.
Understand who can.

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