Judge releases second batch of documents from Epstein case with barely any disclosures to International

The avalanche of papers does not stop. A day after declassifying summaries on the contents of 40 documents, a judge this Thursday released another 19 documents along with hundreds of additional pages of summaries of civil lawsuits related to the Epstein case. In both cases, the documents correspond to summaries of a lawsuit filed in 2015 by the victim, Virginia Giuffre, against Epstein’s lover and partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, which resulted in an out-of-court settlement. Unlike the new batch, where there were some interesting statements about Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, and criminal statements against businessmen and politicians appeared, the new documents are of less interest.

This is again a heterogeneous set of roles. There is a transcript of the trial hearing; references to medical and psychological reports on Virginia Giuffre, plaintiff; emails; Statements of some secondary witnesses; Additional witness lists and motions and motions for briefs with legal technicalities. The most interesting thing is what you can’t read. There are several documents whose fragments are still in the dark, including the names of several witnesses who were related to sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his cell in a high-security Manhattan prison in August 2019 before his attempted sex trial. was done. Offenses against minors.

Unlike the first batch there is no full statement of Epstein’s victims and his plot. The email contains numerous messages exchanged between the plaintiff and British tabloid journalist Sharon Churcher. Sunday Mail Which tells the story of her relationship with Guiffre and Prince Andrew. A statement from the victim is also included in which she doesn’t seem too sure about the content of the published news: “I wouldn’t say they were wrong. “I’ll just say that it exposes them as journalists who take your words and turn them into something else.”

There is also another email in which Giuffre claims Clinton went to the office Vanity Fair “And threatened him not to write sex-trafficking articles about his good friend (Epstein).”

Some duplicate documents that were already known, including another case from Florida. In it, two victims, whose identities remain anonymous, have asked to join the lawsuit alleging they were forced to have sex with celebrities, politicians, presidents, a “known prime minister” and others. More details are given about Prince Andrew. “Stranger #3 was forced to have physical relations with this Prince when she was a minor in three different geographic locations: in London (in Ghislaine Maxwell’s apartment), in New York, and on Epstein’s private island in the Virgin Islands. States (in an orgy with numerous other minor girls) from the United States. “Epstein ordered Stranger No. 3 to give Prince whatever he asked for and demanded that Stranger No. 3 tell him the details of the sexual abuse,” the text says.

A calendar of scheduled statements also appears; The list of one hundred proposed witnesses, which already appeared in the first batch, is the same, where the names already announced are repeated, but the others are concealed; requests for medical reports; Unidentified victim statement; Doctor K; The victim’s ex-boyfriend and the detectives involved in the case.

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In general, the new batch adds little to what had already emerged from the great pedophilia and sexual abuse scandals orchestrated by Epstein. Nor is it much new in the context of the documents known on Wednesday.

In 2005, Epstein was arrested in Palm Beach, Florida after being accused of paying a 14-year-old girl for sex. Dozens of other minors described similar sexual abuse, but prosecutors finally allowed the financier to plead guilty in 2008 on charges involving one victim. He served 13 months in the work release program.

Investigation of Miami Herald The scandal sparked renewed interest, and federal prosecutors in New York charged Epstein with sex trafficking in 2019. He committed suicide in prison while awaiting trial. His partner, heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of communications magnate Robert Maxwell, was convicted of sex trafficking of minors and sentenced to 20 years in prison in June 2022.

Oh stay Miami Herald who requested the release of the documents, which the judge eventually agreed to.

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