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Energy check 2024: its amount may increase from 150 to 759 euros

Can energy audits increase? In any case, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, has suggested this.

Essential help for households For several years, energy research is constantly reinventing itself. But then, could that amount triple in 2024?

Energy investigation to support the French during the crisis

2024 Energy Check has become a A real pillar of help For many French people. Especially for those with modest incomes.

In this time of inflation This precious allowance So it is essential to reduce the energy bill. Especially related to electricity and gas.

Indeed, for many years, energy audits have been successful in reducing the financial burden on low-income households. By offering them the possibility Dedicated to him resources For other important needs.

This state of food cost, education, Health care, but housing costs. This government initiative acts as a shield against uncertainty by directly supporting the energy costs of low-income households.

Moreover, the French state is committed to the protection of households Low income and to guarantee a decent standard of living for all. Hence this precious aid comes back every year.

Conditions for Eligibility

Eligibility criteria are intended to be multiple. The latter mainly depends on the structure of the house and tax revenue Reference (RFR).

Thus the check amount depends on the number of consumption units (CU) of the household. Also annual income level, with in large quantities For the lowest income.

Moreover, know that the opposite Another one-off aid No action is required from the State, potential beneficiaries. In fact, the tax administration automatically determines everyone’s eligibility.

And this, thanks to the tax declaration and sends a check by mail to the house Related families. This simple and effective process ensures quick and direct assistance to low-income families.

So energy audits remain a valuable companion for homes with ordinary income In 2024. It provides crucial financial support.

As the aid returns this year, the French hope the amount will be reassessed. Moreover, Bruno Le Maire has it Recently indicated…

The amount of energy checks will increase

In the current context marked by the boom Energy bills, many French people struggle to make ends meet. This is why the French hope that the energy audit will be more significant.

Recently, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced a significant increase in electricity prices from February 1. This puts it so Highlight the urgency To review existing support to support the most vulnerable families.

Associations such as Abbe Pierre Foundation, CLVC Association, and CFDT, supported by Renovons Collective, call for a substantial increase in this assistance. His proposal includes increasing the amount of the energy check to 759 euros per year.

And this, with the aim of giving tangible support to Homes in trouble. The Renovons collective, bringing together various associations and committed companies, advocates for an overhaul of the current aid system.

Highlighting the 100 billion euros to be spent as part of the tariff shield from 2021, the collective underlines the financial viability of such a move. So the aim is to put an end to it Energy poverty and strengthen renewable aid to promote a more inclusive energy transition.

Reassessing the energy check can be a first step towards doing so Energy unity Reinforced. It will thus provide relief to millions of French people facing the reality of ever-increasing bills.

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