It all started with an upset: 19-year-old student dies of severe meningitis, calls for contact cases

On Thursday February 8, 2024, a 19-year-old student from Lille died of meningitis. Her health suddenly deteriorated and her hospital treatment was not enough to save her.

His ordeal began with a simple malaise. Last Thursday, a 19-year-old student died of a meningococcal infection in Lille, reports The voice of the north. Distributed to find information intended for students and parents contact cases.

Glowing infection

A student was taken into care in Lille in the north, after falling ill at home, before her condition worsened. suddenly deteriorates. Her infection, which was devastating, killed her within hours.

However, emergency services intervened at his home on Thursday morning before he was taken to Lille University Hospital. Despite resuscitation efforts by cardiopulmonary institute teams, she did not survive.

Search for contact cases

The city’s Catholic University, where the girl was studying in her first year, sent a message to its students: “The faculty and university health service have been in close contact with the regional health agency ever since.”

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Proceedings of “Contact Tracing”Or contact tracing carried out by the regional health agency has been initiated, the head of the crisis center Roch Joly explains to our colleagues: ‚ÄúStudent contacts requiring the implementation of preventive measures have been thoroughly identified by the ARS teams and contacted individually.

To do this, “They first establish a core group list of people said to be at risk, workers and the person’s immediate vicinity. These people are called via email or SMS to follow up on antibiotic treatment.”, it clarifies. As of today, thirteen people will be affected and it will begin Antibiotic treatment.

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