Is Kanye West Enslaving His Spouse?


WestIs Kanye West Enslaving His Spouse?

The rapper published photos of Bianca Sensori naked and wearing a latex mask. A sign of trouble for some of its subscribers.



Kanye West has a dangerous grip on his partner, condemning some subscribers on his Instagram page.

Kanye West has a dangerous grip on his partner, condemning some subscribers on his Instagram page.


Kanye West’s Instagram account has just nine photos, which he reactivated on December 17 after an eight-month hiatus. Of the nine, we see his partner, Bianca Sensori, by his side or alone, often with her breasts spilling out of her “dress”. The choice of publications that caused some of his subscribers to react already, highlighting the lack of dignity of the rapper, the father of two daughters.

For some, the last four photos on his account are more than they imagined Kanye West to be. Bianca undresses and puts on a latex mask. “Scary”, “sad”, “degrading” are adjectives that often come up in comments to describe this “show”. For them, it’s certain: it’s Kanye West who paraded it that way.

“He looks so unhappy and defeated. She became his slave. It’s really sad,” lamented one internet user. I am so sorry for that. He uses it for his body. She is caught in a dangerous psychological game.”

“Why is no one coming forward to help this woman? He clearly brainwashed her,” we can also read.

Physical resemblance to Kim Kardashian

Finally, many people point out that, physically, Bianca Sensori looks more and more like Kim Kardashian, who divorced Kanye West. “It turns her into a radical version of Kim,” scoffs the subscriber.

Kanye West and Bianca Sensori, a couple for a year, have stepped out on numerous occasions during their public tour. Madame shocks Italians by dressing in what is considered offensive, especially during a vacation in Tuscany. He is also accused of “acts against good morals”. During a boat trip in Venice last summer, the 29-year-old woman allegedly performed oral sex on the 46-year-old rapper.

Last week, Kanye West revealed his latest insanity: 740,000 franc titanium dental implants.

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