Investigations point to Russia as the most likely person responsible for Havana syndrome

Investigations suggest Russia may have been behind a directed energy weapons attack that injured more than 100 US national security personnel. (AP/Desmond Boylan)

A new twist in the investigation points to Russia as the likely culprit of the directed energy weapons attack, in a significant advance in the investigation into the mysterious condition known as “Havana syndrome.” According to recent reports, these incidents have affected more than 100 US national security officials and family members, causing brain injuries.

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Victims included White House staff, CIA officials, FBI agents, and military officers, who reported symptoms consistent with high-energy ultrasound or microwave attacks. Retired Army Lt. Col. Greg Edgreen, who led the investigation for the Defense Intelligence Agency, expressed his personal conviction in an interview with CBS News’ 60 Minutes program that the acts were Russian-directed attacks.

Investigations revealed cases where affected individuals, many of whom are US intelligence operatives and diplomats abroad, had to be removed from their positions due to traumatic brain injuries. This has raised significant concerns about how these attacks are effectively disabling key US national security personnel.

“The impact on US national security is that intelligence officers and our diplomats working abroad are being removed from their posts with traumatic brain injuries. They are being neutralized,” Edgreen said.

In 2022, Dr. Stanford University for Govt. A medical study led by David Relman found “clear evidence of injury to the brain’s auditory and vestibular systems,” stating that “pulsed directed energy (radio frequency) is the most plausible method.” The finding provided scientific support for the victims’ claims about the source of their symptoms. .

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