In the midst of an OM crisis, Gattuso’s locker room shows promise

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In the midst of an OM crisis, Gattuso’s locker room shows promise

Published on February 5, 2024 at 10:00 PM

This Monday morning, a day after the defeat on the OL pitch (0-1), an emergency meeting was held at the Commandery, OM Training Centre. The initiative of Gennaro Gattuso and Pablo Longoria, who demanded a reaction from their players. The latter also met each other, promising to react on Friday against Metz.

This tone rose on OM this Monday morning. On Sunday evening, the men of Gennaro Gattuso Bowed on the lawnO.L (1-0), at the end of the 20th day of Ligue 1. The day after this defeat, Italian technicians, as well Pablo LongoriaOrganized an emergency meeting for the players to face their responsibilities.

Longoria and Gattuso want a reaction

The two men spoke, Gennaro Gattuso pointing the finger at the failure of the mind, even though it believes that “ The season is not lost ”, as suggested by RMC Sport. Pablo Longoria For that, he sought feedback from the playersOm« Before it’s too late and the season is ruined! », while questioning himself. “ I am ready to hear everything », he added, if some players have any criticism to share with him.

The players promised each other a quick reaction

After speaking Gennaro Gattuso And no Pablo Longoriaplayers ofOm He remained himself and some officials spoke in turn. a” Awareness » was requested and prompt response upon receipt thereof Metz Next Friday, they promised each other. men of Gennaro Gattuso Everyone wants to pull in the same direction and stop blaming others. They don’t want to make excuses for absences, especially with the exception of all the players who left for CAN Chancel Mbemba, have made their return. l’Om Still waiting for returns Valentin RongierAbsent since November, when Jordan Veretout And Geoffrey Kondogbia were not traveling to Lyon.

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