Ile-de-France: Arrested with 24 catalytic converters in his car, network dismantled

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a A network of catalytic converter thieves has been Demolished in Ile-de-France. Seven Georgian citizens was arrested on February 6, 2024 and brought before him Judicial Court Melun (Seine-et-Marne) in immediate view.

A loss of 60,000 euros

Investigation conducted by Research Department (SR) Versailles and the Research Brigade (BR) of Fontainebleau, launched in November 2023 Increase in theft Catalytic converter in Seine-et-Marne.

“The investigation carried out as part of the preliminary investigation opened at the Melun Judicial Court, initially made it possible to identify two individuals who are very active throughout the Île-de-France”, we indicate on the side of the National Gendarmerie.

There are also many Other teams of thieves, Using the same Modus Operandi, which is then unmasked. there A field of concealment Also discovered in Val-d’Oise.

total, 29 flights has been done This is thanks to the networkfor one Total loss of 60,000 euros.

A curse in Ile-de-France

“Catalytic converters are made of various proportions of precious metals such as rhodium, platinum, gold, silver or iridium. For example, the price of rhodium is currently around €300 per gram. Catalytic converter theft is a serious problem in Île-de-France,” declared the National Gendarmerie.

Seven arrested

meanwhile’Legal operationsCommenced on February 6, 2024, Two suspects has been done arrest inside Hotel‘With Essonne Tools used for dismantling Exhaust pipes.

Five more Arrested in Val-d’Oise, returning from a trip to Lorraine, with 24 catalytic converters hidden in their vehicles.

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“The 7 accused were produced before the public prosecutor of TJ of Melun on February 9 for immediate appearance in view of their verdict. All lived in Essonne,” concludes the National Gendarmerie.

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