Ikea offers you its best chest of drawers, the solution for elegant storage!

If you are looking for a chest of drawers that is simple, refined and versatile, that offers enough space to store your clothes, underwear or other personal belongings, or if you want to use it as a decorative accessory, Ikea has BESTÅ for you. provides a combination of Collection in brown oak veneer at an attractive price.

Storage combination with door, black-brown/Hedeviken/Stubbarp oak veneer BESTÅ

Ikea gives you the opportunity to give your interior a unique style This BESTÅ storage is equipped with HEDEVIKEN doors The grain of which varies naturally, thus giving each piece of furniture a unique character.

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Adjustable hinges allow you to Adjust the door vertically and horizontally, Thus optimizing the use of your furniture even in the smallest of spaces.

Thanks for Its adjustable shelvesPersonalize your storage space according to your specific needs.

the door, in addition to protecting your belongings, decorate your interior. choose A model that fits harmoniously into your decor As well as your storage combination.

The BESTÅ system hinges make opening doors easy With easy press and ensure smooth and quiet closing.

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Optimize your storage with Adding the box and accessories According to your preferences.

This combination, made up of several components, allows you to To use the BESTÅ top plate (sold separately) to elegantly conceal junctions between structures, thus providing a uniform appearance.


For easy closing, Adding handles or knobs to drawer fronts Recommended for opening convenience (sold separately).

Choice of The type of fixing depends on the material of your wall ; Make sure to choose the right fixing.

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Maintaining your dresser is easy with a damp clothFollowed by drying with a dry cloth.

Product data sheet

Your purchase includes the following items:

  • BESTÅ frame, 120x40x64 cm
  • BESTÅ frame, 60x40x64 cm
  • BESTÅ tablet, 56×36 cm
  • BESTÅ soft close/pressure open hinges
  • Hedeviken door, 60×64 cm

Technical characteristics of this storage combination:

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  • Width : 180 cm
  • depth : 42 cm
  • Height : 74 cm
  • Max charge/tablet : 20 kg
  • Top Tray/Bottom Tray/Side Panel : Particleboard and Fibreboard, Honeycomb Paper Filling (100% Recycled Paper), Metallic Paper, Plastic Edging
  • rear panel : Fiberboard, metallic paper, plastic film containing iron powder
  • tablet : Particleboard, Metallic Paper, Plastic Edge, Plastic Edge, Plastic Edge, Metallic Paper
  • metal part : Steel, nickel plated
  • Plastic parts : Polyacetals
  • the door : Fiberboard, oak veneer, clear acrylic varnish
  • foot : Wood, acrylic paint

Find this chest of drawers at Ikea Priced at €390.

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