“I hope that life will give me the opportunity to become a deputy again”: Maduro has already admitted his desire

Nicolás Maduro and the Chavista leadership. Photo: Courtesy

Nicolás Maduro visited the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas this Thursday, where he confirmed his desire to run for deputy again, although he has not yet ruled out his candidacy for this year’s presidential election.

“I hope life will give me the opportunity to be a deputy again, I love political debate, making laws,” Maduro commented before state television cameras.

He added, “We have created a new ethics of power, joining hands against the anti-values ​​of individualism, against the futility of capitalism, against egoism.”

According to him, “the revolution must always demonstrate that from a moral, ethical and spiritual point of view it is the standard bearer of the identity of a new Venezuela, based on love, sacrifice, work, dedication, service to the motherland. .

Finally, Maduro asserted that “we leaders have to make great efforts to remain humble, to recognize ourselves as human beings in the service of a historical purpose greater than any of us.”

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