Husqvarna has a version of Doom among robot lawn mowers

1993 was a landmark year in the video game genre. In fact that year ID Software Studio, founded by John Carmack and John Romero, launched the FPS that gave its name to this series of subjective view games: Doom. For over 30 years now, this title, initially released on PC, has seen perhaps the most adaptations. Almost all gaming machines are entitled to it, from the Game Boy Advance through the Panasonic 3DO to the Atari Jaguar, the first PlayStation, the Nintendo 64 or even the Sega 32X.

But above all, Doom There has also been the topic of ports on devices, each more eccentric than the last. Obviously, this game can run on mobile phones under Android or iOS for that matter. And Apple lovers can Frager of the monster on the touch bar of their iPodmini, their Apple Watch or their Mac Book Pro. But there is of course much better, because some clever people have managed to make it work Doom Calculators, treadmills, ATMs, microwave ovens, oscilloscopes, karaoke machines, vapes and even pregnancy tests.

Porting to lawn mowers therefore probably won’t really surprise the lawn mower hobbyist community. Doom. However, this adaptation produced on the occasion of a large LAN party (DreamHack Winter) received the blessing of robot lawnmower manufacturer Husqvarna, whose model The Nera was used for this exploit. The event was also an opportunity to host the world’s first multiplayer championship on a non-gaming device.

Obviously, things will not stop there and all Husqvarna Nera mowers should be received Doom by update. The machine’s control panel will act as a game controller: it will still be complicated to destroy the demonic threat while following the robot as it mows the lawn.

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