How Russia Uses Weapons Provided to Kiev for Western Torpedo Support


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A documentary looks at propaganda distilled by the Kremlin to prevent NATO countries from supplying arms to Ukraine.  -

Former arms trafficker, Viktor Bout, Russian propaganda sales representative

A documentary looks at propaganda distilled by the Kremlin to prevent NATO countries from supplying arms to Ukraine. – (first lines)

The documentary “Ukraine, the cost of weapons”, broadcast on Sunday on France 5, focuses on the issues surrounding the delivery of weapons.

Minimizing support for Ukraine at all costs has been a credo for the Kremlin since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Techniques to manipulate public opinion are on the rise, to discredit the European Union and the United States, the country’s main ally led by Volodymyr Zelensky. One of them specifically targets the alleged misuse of weapons supplied to Ukraine by NATO countries and their large-scale use.

documentary Ukraine, price of weaponsDirected by Hugo Van Offel and Martin Baudot, it details how Western countries provide military equipment to the Ukrainians, describes the rearmament of Europe and how an exponential market for increasingly sophisticated weaponry creates demand and profit. The film also highlights the coercive disinformation campaigns used by Russia to limit military aid to Ukrainians.

Disinformation strategy

From September 2022, six months after the start of the conflict, Moscow puts its propaganda war machine into motion regarding the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. At the UN, Russia is trying to scare Europe by raising the idea that because of corrupt Ukrainians, this military equipment could end up in the hands of terrorists or dangerous criminals scattered around the world. A very obvious way to play on fear.

“It’s about tarnishing the image of Ukraine in general and specifically trying to show that these weapons that we provide will be seen everywhere and especially against us.”

Michel Goya, military expert

In the documentary “Ukraine, the price of weapons”.

To hammer home and embody its message, the Kremlin puts Victor Bout on the front lines. Ironically, this explosive character is a former arms dealer. Arrested in Thailand in 2008, then extradited to the United States, he served a 25-year prison sentence there before being released in December 2022 in exchange for an American basketball player. Since returning to Russia, the latter has been involved in politics in the service of the Kremlin.

threatening speech

After nearly a year of negotiations, Victor Bout agreed to testify in the documentary. From his first words, which partially inspired the film Lord of War Condemns aid given to Ukraine by France. “I don’t know what General de Gaulle would have said, If that was aliveThus the former strikes at the arms dealer. But he would certainly have had very harsh words to say about the current state of France and its support.” Victor gives an intimidating speech after the bout Ukraine’s allies are going so far as to exploit the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Weapons provided by the United States and NATO countries end up in the hands of Hamas, during its operations against Israel. But also in drug cartels in Mexico. And sooner or later, you know, these weapons will reappear in Europe.”

Victor Bout, former arms dealer

In the documentary “Ukraine, the price of weapons”.

A strategy that seems to be paying off in this struggle with unbalanced power relations, which will enter its third year. NATO countries, and the United States in particular, seem increasingly reluctant to respond to the needs of Ukraine, whose demand for weapons is increasingly intense. The United States has already spent 45 billion dollars in military aid, the European Union 17 billion euros.

documentary Ukraine, price of weapons Directed by Hugo van Offel and Martin Baudot, airs Sunday 25 February on France 5 and at 9:05pm.

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