Hoteliers and restaurateurs call on Bruno Le Maire to renegotiate electricity contracts

During this meeting, UMIH and GHR, “under the auspices” of the Minister, will be able to agree with the major energy suppliers and distributors on the terms of contract renegotiation.



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France's group of hotels and restaurants and the Hotel Trades and Industries Union condemn the prices "Above" (Illustrative photo).  (Romain Dosselin/Hans Lucas/AFP)

The bills are always huge. Hoteliers and restaurateurs are calling on Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire to renegotiate their contract prices with electricity distributors. “The Land Above”, according to a press release issued by their professional representatives on Monday February 12. Catherine Querard, president of the Group of Hotels and Restaurants of France (GHR) and Thierry Marx, of the Union of Hotel Trades and Industries (UMIH) ask Bruno Le Maire to organize a meeting. “Happen so soon”.

During this meeting, UMIH and GHR would like to, “Under Basis” Agree contract renegotiation terms with the Minister, major energy suppliers and distributors. According to a survey conducted by both unions at the end of January 2024, “More than half of the professionals (59%) remain bound by energy supply contracts at very high prices, i.e. above 180 euros per MWh when the price per MWh has fallen from the end of 2022 and is less than half that price.” Organizations ensure that “10% to 15% of professionals will also be contractually bound with prices above 350 euros per MWh”.

“These contracts are very dangerous, because they stress the profitability of companies, to the point that some are now unable to meet their operating costs and pay their debts”Alert the unions.

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