Herve Renard returns his mid-term loan to Ivory Coast

Hervé Renard knew he was expected to face the media this Wednesday. Since Lyon, the coach of the French women’s team has actually consulted his list of players for the upcoming Nations League. But given the burning news surrounding Ivory Coast’s coronation at CAN last Sunday, the former Lille coach was well aware that the other point of this press conference was elsewhere. At the end of January, with Jean-Louis Gasset having just left his post, with no desire to change his schedule at the helm of the Blues, Renard was approached by the Ivorian federation to take over selection duties during the tournament. A tempting challenge for the former Elephants coach, the title was already hanging over his head in 2015, but it quickly slipped away. Failing to obtain a satisfactory financial agreement, the FFF took matters into its own hands and denied the request. This Wednesday, Renard returned to this true-false beginning at a press conference, assuming he didn’t offend anyone:

After the rest of this announcement

How did I experience this moment? in a quiet way. I have been contacted. We should not reverse the roles, recalled the 55-year-old coach. I thought. I know the African continent by heart. I experienced an extraordinary adventure with this Ivory Coast team in 2015. Challenges have been a part of my career that can be described as chaotic and isolated. Sometimes you have to accept differences, agree to be more tolerant. I accept comments and ways of seeing things. But I don’t think I offended anyone. I asked the Ivorian Federation to contact my president at FFF. They talked. My priority was to continue with the French women’s team. Like it or not, I will make the same decision today“, he concluded, clarifying that the episode is over for good and his mind is now fixed on the Women’s Nations League.

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