Here’s how to file a complaint online

On February 9, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation following the theft of data suffered by operators Viamedis and Almeris. Personal data of over 33 million policyholders were leaked due to these cyber attacks. Victims can now lodge a complaint online using a dedicated form.

Risk of identity theft

As a reminder, the cyber attacks against Viademis and Almeris took place on January 29 and February 1 respectively. The attacks led to the theft of 33 million policyholders’ personal information such as first and last name, social security numbers and other information linked to insurance contracts. Criminals can use this data to impersonate victims.

To prevent phishing attempts, the two operators are warning affected users one by one. The latter are also asked to file complaints, as well as mutual insurance companies and service providers who work with these two third-party payers.

How to file a complaint?

Specifically, Viademis and Almerys policyholders whose personal data has been stolen can file a complaint using an online form. To complete it, just access the cybermalvalence site. Once the document is completed, the victim must sign it and then send it by email to the address He can also transfer it through the official government website through secure transfer. The last possibility is to print this document and send it by post to the Directorate of the Judicial Police PP, BL2C 2024/30, 36 rue du Bastion, 75017, Paris.

Additionally, policyholders should contact their mutual insurance companies to see if they are among the victims. At the same time, the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL) recommends that those concerned exercise vigilance while awaiting trial. In particular, it is a question of avoiding responding to requests for reimbursement of health expenses that may come from cybercriminals, whose identities are still unknown.

Likewise, victims are advised to check their accounts frequently for any suspicious activity. Finally, the President of the CNIL assures that the investigation will be carried out quickly to identify the authors of this violation as quickly as possible.

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