Here’s how Michael from GTA V lashes out at those calling GTA VI ‘woke’

Actor Ned Luke, who plays Michael, one of the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V, has responded to players who claim that GTA VI “reawakened” the series following the release of the first trailer for the game. Last month:

“A lot of clowns say, ‘Rockstar’s waking up, they’re embracing the woke trend in the world.’ First of all, there have been other women pioneers in the past, but obviously not in such a big way. Like this,” Luke expressed to IGN.

“GTA 6 is going to be the biggest game in history. I (Lucia) find her cooler and tougher than anyone. In the last scene where they crash, she looks amazing. And the best part is that she leads the raid. Is” She opened the door and then Jason came back in. So I don’t know if you’re interpreting that as she’s going to be a big winner and he’s going to be with her, or what.”.

Lucia, a Latina, wasn’t the only driver of players’ hatred. As always when a minority community is portrayed, people immediately pointed to ideas of white substitution and so-called forced inclusion, as if the male protagonist of the game was not a white man. Everything is reactive and, as always, it’s better to ignore than to get carried away with the toxic waste of smoking.

Grand Theft Auto VI

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