Here are the boxes to avoid paying less tax

Taxpayers will start filing their tax returns from April 11. While most households are looking for solutions to avail tax relief, many miss out on the simple solution of paying less tax.

This includes checking the appropriate box on your tax return to avail the tax rebate. This is a very simple option that many taxpayers do not pay attention to, especially due to lack of information. It is therefore recommended to read your income tax return carefully before completing it, as certain boxes allow you to make significant savings.

Similarly, it is important to avoid making mistakes in filling, as some mistakes can be considered as an attempt at tax fraud. On the other hand, a time limit will be brought to the attention of the taxpayers to correct the errors in the income declaration. After this deadline, the information shown on the paper will be irreversible.

Savings of up to 1,050 euros for certain taxpayers

In the box to check for tax deductions, box J which concerns the care of an adult child. These are the children who remain attached to their parents’ tax family even after reaching the age of majority. LSingle parents are also entitled to a tax rebate, by checking box T. For taxpayers with a child in school, it is possible to check boxes 7EA to 7EG to avail the reduction. This can amount to 61 euros for middle school students, 153 euros for high school students and 183 euros for a student pursuing higher education.

Those who benefit from war widow pension must tick box G, which allows them to benefit from additional shares and hence, reduce their tax bill. The box is also valid for disabled adult children or parents of minor children who are solely in their care. Finally, Box L allows you to benefit from a discount of up to 1,050 euros, if you are a single parent whose child died after the age of 16. This also concerns single parents whose child is not connected to their tax family.

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