Here are all revaluations implemented in 2024

In France, retirement pensions are frequently reevaluated to cope with inflationary changes. According to the latest data from INSEE, the price increase fell to 2.9% in February. For retirement pension, several changes are also on the cards.

First, the basic pension was increased to 5.3% on January 1. In total, 14 million retirees belonging to organizations such as Cnav (National Old Age Insurance Fund) received this additional benefit in their February pensions. For example, a retiree whose basic pension was 1,000 euros per month in 2023 received 1,053 euros in February, or 53 euros more per month. Apart from basic pension, supplementary pension is also affected by the changes.

Modification of supplementary pension

First, the supplementary pension for former civil service contract workers was increased to 5.3% on January 1. After that, the supplementary pension of the Egirk-Arco regime was readjusted according to the rate of Generalized Social Contribution (CSG). In fact, retirees whose CSG rates are increased in 2024 will receive a lower pension than they would normally receive. On the other hand, for retirees whose CSG rate has been reduced, the pension for the month of March is higher than the usual pension.

Beneficiaries of the Additional Civil Service Pension Plan (RAFP) have also seen their pensions increase by 6.8% from February 2024 onwards. However, although this provision is relatively new (since 2005), the increase is only a few euros. Supplementary pension for self-employed workers (RCI) has also increased. The contribution of RCI points reached 1.327 euros on January 1, while in 2023 it was only 1.28 euros per point.

A similar observation for the Old Age Insurance Fund for Accountants and Auditors (CAVAC). The contributing point, in fact, has risen to 1.3450 euros in 2024, an increase of 6.14%. For former self-employed workers, the Cipav supplementary retirement pension was increased by 4.3% on January 1. Finally, the Solidarity Allowance for the elderly (Aspa) also increased by 5.3% last January. As a result, the pension received by an individual increases to 1,012 euros, which is 1,571 euros per month for a couple.

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