Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV…. If you have been to this dentist, it is better to consult a doctor quickly.

The Normandy regional health agency announced on Monday February 12 that it had cited a dental practice located in Veilles-les-Rose for hygiene problems during an inspection. Patients could have been exposed to many dangerous viruses, although the probability remains low.

If you go to this dentist, be careful. The Normandy regional health agency announced on Monday 12 February that it had identified a dental practice located in Vallées-les-Roses. “Various defects likely to call into question the quality and safety of care”.

Patients were individually informed by mail and invited to consult a doctor to perform a serological test. Objective: To detect possible contamination by hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The risks are small, even very small, but do exist.

Hygiene issues

“As part of this program, ARS inspected a dental practice located in Veules-les-Roses. The aim was to maintain quality and standards of care and good hygiene practices. During this inspection, some violations of rules were noticed, especially regarding hygiene rules.”Normandy regional health agency explains in a press release.

ARS adds that it has “Put the firm on notice to take corrective action to remove the deficiencies observed”. A second inspection visit has since been conducted at the site in late January.

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