He was talking to his boss and made a mistake with an intimate question (VIDEO)


A woman said she “ruined” her job at the company by asking a question during a work party. A story spread by a video caught the attention of thousands of people.

By Clarin

The author of this joke is a citizen of the United States and is known on social media as @drunkmakeuptips. Years ago, according to her story, she experienced an uncomfortable situation when she was a “junior” employee of a company.

One night around that time, she attended a festive gathering organized for the workers. “We went for a drink. I was a newbie, I joined only a month ago,” she clarified.

In the evening the lady was with her colleagues. In turn, the president of the company was the CEO (Executive Director) and CFO (Financial Director).


I created a C-level execute ball with a single question. #storytime #fyp #corporatelife #funny #question #dontdowhatdid

? Original Sound – Your Drunk Bestie

“I love active, interesting conversations. When things get ‘stuck’, I get to ask questions to keep people talking,” explained @drunkmakeuptips.

What did the woman ask?

One of the many questions the woman asked at the meetings was, in her words, “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life?”

“People usually don’t answer this question with the truth, they’re not honest. It makes them laugh, it makes them uncomfortable. “This question wants to know how much they are willing to reveal about themselves,” she said in this regard.

Once at a work party, while sharing a talk with her boss, the woman got the idea to ask the question in question: “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life?”

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