He mentions that Sony has won the console generation


A new sales milestone for the PS5 was recently announced, which is the no Sony Since the launch of the console till now it was achieved when Christmas shopping was done, many games have been launched in the market under this pretext. Spider-Man 2And future arrivals too Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in specific. With that in mind, they have declared that basically the company will manage to become the generation leader for the second time in a row.

Through the official podcast of the medium known as Digital Foundrywho always make graphic comparisons between existing systems, have spoken about this issue PS5 Outnumbered consoles sold 3 to 1 Xbox Series X/S, though you always have the option of going for the cheaper diskless variant. Mentioning that they are indeed winning the console generation, that will put them high on the map again, as well PS4 They have achieved something unprecedented for the company.

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A very interesting topic in discussion, because they talk about how similar they are Xbox May take desperate measures to outpace the competition, with a console that will be launched sometime in 2026, to push this generation and that Sony Press to launch PS6. And if you think about things carefully, it may be the case with what was observed 360Well that happened Microsoft It was the first to launch its device in 2005, so the following year Nintendo and Sony did theirs around the same time.

It is a fact that they have also talked about online membership, but they consider that many users do so from PC, so they do not have the exact number of consoles they use. Pass the game. for now, PS5 Enjoying great popularity among people, it has been confirmed that beloved sagas are loved Call of Duty Ultimately they won’t reach Sony, with the purchase of this Activision Blizzard which is already closed.

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Editor’s Note: It’s a little strange that things are going so well on PlayStation that there aren’t many confirmed games on the horizon right now, none beyond Wolverine. So, they have to make important announcements this year if they don’t want to end up in the hole, and so far we don’t have any confirmed events.

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