He is arrested for urinating on the streets of Cadereta, Nuevo Leon, but the FBI is looking for him for sexually abusing minors.

Monterey, NL, April 1.—A subject came up Police In order to fulfill the physical need public road before numerous witnesses, including children; but being subject to The review found its legal situation to be complex Dope While going through his belongings and checking his background it turns out he wants to FBI, Because there are two left Arrest warrant In the United States state of Michigan, for drug and sexual abuse of minors.

elements of State Investigation AgencyThe South Subdirectorate with a squad in Cadereta arrested Anthony David “N”, 45 years old, on Encino Avenue at its intersection with Celindo Street, in the Valle del Robal neighborhood, in the Encino sector, in the municipality of Cadereta. Jimenez, Nuevo Leon.

The above subject was surprised on March 28 by ministerial agents carrying out investigative work and preventive patrolling during the summer vacation period. EasterWhen they found him urinating in public in the presence of many people including minors.

The ministers turned on the light and sound codes of the unit they were moving in while they identified themselves through loudspeakers as active elements of the State Investigation Agency and requested the person not to move, thus changing the subject. And Jean adjusted the shorts he was wearing.

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During a search of his person and belongings, he found, in his left shirt pocket, a paper wrapper containing green, dried grass with characteristics of marijuana, for which he was informed that his legal status had changed, and would pass the disposition of Public Ministry For crimes against health.

Once his general data and background were checked, by National Organization for MigrationThose who participated in the aforementioned surveillance operation, found out that Anthony David is wanted by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), as he has two arrest warrants (one federal and one state in Michigan, United States.

According to a report by the State Investigation Agency of the State Attorney General’s Office, an arrest warrant was issued against Anthony David in the United States for allegedly drugging and sexually abusing two minors, for which he was placed at the disposal of INM. Arrest warrants are in force both for legal stay in the country and in the neighboring country to the north.

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