Hailey Bieber will inspire your next trip to the hairdresser in Super Bowl 2024

Justin and Hailey Bieber were at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas for the big football event and Hailey stunned with her new look.

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The model rocked the Instagram planet by presenting herself with a stylish bob in January 2023 and since then, it has been the most requested in salons, giving sophistication and lightness to all those who dare to cut their length, such as Alicia Moffett and Cassidy Neves, among others. in between

Hailey continues to start fashion and beauty trends and her latest appearance at the Super Bowl is giving new hair wishes. Giant back Rode The culminating game of the football season was shown with dark hair, which we rarely see, often playing on the court of sunny blondes and brunettes. A few extensions were integrated into her hair to achieve a soft gradient and a cut with a length below the collarbone.

Hayley’s coloring is the perfect hair complement to the mob wife trend that’s all the rage right now. As evidence, Hailey wore a Saint Laurent leopard fur coat, 90s-style sunglasses and pointed toe shoes and red mini heels for her evening at the stadium.

Now is the time to make an appointment at the salon for a rich chocolate syrup style color!

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