Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen’s Full Relationship Timeline

It looks like Taylor Swift isn’t the only star getting emotional on the football field — Hailee Steinfeld has also been romantically linked to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. The two were first spotted in New York City in May 2023 amid rumors that Josh had broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Williams. Since then, Haley and Josh have kept their ‘ship very low-key with the occasional date night. .

However, the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse The star *showed support for her new beau in a more ~public~ forum by attending Buffalo Bills games. Such was the case in his appearance on October 8, 2023, when he wore an oversized Bills jersey while sitting next to Josh’s good friend and race car driver, Daniel Ricciardo. Now, you must be wondering how these two got here and how their romance blossomed. Next, find out all the details we know about Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen’s relationship timeline.

May 2023

Hailey and Josh were first spotted together on May 25 during a night out in NYC. Images obtained by New York PostThey got out of the black SUV and Josh wrapped his arm around her Dickinson the actor This is Josh’s first outing since rumors of his split with his ex, Brittany Williams, started circulating.

A day after being photographed in NYC for the first time, Josh and Hailey went out on a sushi date with friends and explored the city over Memorial Day weekend, according to reports. Us weekly.

An unnamed source close to Haley also confirmed her relationship with the athlete peoplesaying that the “cute couple” had been “hanging out for a few weeks”.

“It’s new, but they’re having fun,” the source added.

June 2023

It’s June, which means it’s still ~early days for Hailey and Josh, who are “still dating and getting to know each other,” according to a report by people. “They’ll be very busy in training camp, though, so they’re not putting too much pressure on things and will see where it goes,” an unnamed source told the publication.

Another insider said Us weekly When they are only a month old in their ship, “It’s going really well.” They added that when Haley and Josh are together, they are “laughing” and “always smiling”.

Hailee Steinfeld Josh Allen

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“Josh is the first guy she’s really been interested in,” the insider revealed.

August 2023

Josh apparently addressed his personal relationship with Haley Sorry my tech Podcast 👀

The Bills QB broke down stories about their “makeout” with the actor and singer, saying, “The fact that anyone cared about it still blows my mind.”

He also opened up about the moment he realized people were taking pictures of him and Hayley on the boat. “I had, like, this big feeling,” he admitted. “Insecurity. No privacy. (I was) like, ‘What’s wrong with people?’

October 2023

After a quiet month, Haley was spotted shopping at Leveled Up Buffalo with Josh’s mom in East Aurora, New York. The pair picked up some Bills merch and posed for a picture with shop owner Lindsey Vega. “Pinch me,” she captioned the post.

A few days later on October 8, Haley played in London against the Buffalo Bills. She was seen supporting her beau at the Jacksonville Jaguars game. She was caught on the Jumbotron as she sat next to one of Josh’s good friends, race car driver Daniel Ricciardo. In the name of ~investigative journalism~, ESPN’s Buffalo Bills reporter Elena Getzenberg snapped a picture of the moment and posted it on Twitter.

On October 12, Haley and Josh played against the Buffalo Sabers. New York Rangers hockey game at KeyBank Center in Buffalo, per people.

January 2024

Hailey is asked about the ongoing engagement rumors during an interview at the 2024 Golden Globes when she is asked about the ring on her finger. “I’ve got a cute little doe happening,” she replied, showing off a deer-shaped diamond 💍 on her right hand.

“There was no particular reason other than I thought it was beautiful,” he adds.

During the convo, the actor is also asked what all the hype is about when it comes to athletic men (which we call….all?!?). “Listen, what not About that? Come on now!” Haley tucks cheekily with a huge grin. Really, no notes!!!

February 2024

During an appearance on sportscaster Kay Adams’ show, Above and Adams, Josh was asked if he would wear Enchanté to the Oscars. ICYMI, Enchanté is his friend’s clothing line that he used to wear in the games and Hayley’s movie. Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse Best Animated Feature is up for grabs at this year’s Oscars.

“I can,” Josh Coley replied with a smile on his face.

Maybe we’ll see Haley and Josh’s hard launch at the Oscars? 👀

This and that is all we know so far! Check back here for more updates on Haley and Josh’s adorable romance. 🥹🏈

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