GTA 6 will release on PC on April 31, 2025

Rockstar Games has just happily announced the long-awaited release date for Grand Theft Auto VI, the next installment in the cult series. Come to Vice City on April 31, 2025 for a new crime adventure full of surprises.

Finally a release date for GTA 6

The most anticipated game of the decade finally has a release date: it will be April 31, 2025! A little over a year later, gamers around the world will finally be able to discover the long-awaited new title from Rockstar Games.

Relive the 80s in the vibrant Vice City

In GTA VI, you play two main characters, one male and one female, the first in this semi-violent, semi-violent series that started in 1997. You will immerse yourself in a captivating story inspired by the 80s, an era. Glitter and electronic music. And excitement where the internet and GTA RP haters weren’t even born yet. Explore the reimagined Vice City, bigger and more detailed than ever before, and discover new neighborhoods, beautiful beaches, and wet swamps.

“VI” stands for “6” in Roman numerals (c) Rockstar Games

Rich gameplay and complete freedom

GTA VI promises a rich gaming experience with new gameplay mechanics and complete freedom to carry out your misdeeds. “Face fearsome enemies, pilot extraordinary vehicles and explore an open world full of secrets and activities” boasts the American studio which has also announced that it will be possible to play Pokemon GO directly in the game.

A promising first glimpse

Along with this announcement, Rockstar Games released a stunning trailer that gives a new glimpse of the GTA VI universe, but we decided not to release it because we don’t want to release either. Do your own research.

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