GTA 6 will be released when it is 100% “Creatively Optimized”, Rockstar is always striving for perfection!

Game news GTA 6 will be released when it is 100% “Creatively Optimized”, Rockstar is always striving for perfection!


Since the beginning of December, we know that GTA VI is indeed what it is called, that it will feature two characters in Vice City, and that its release is scheduled for 2025. On the other hand, we don’t know much about the scenario, the new gameplay features or the way the title will be generated over time. And, apparently, Rockstar continues to take his time.

Grand Theft Auto VI: Finally official more than 10 years after GTA V

Grand Theft Auto VI will return players to Vice City. There is no question of reliving the 80s, the adventure will be there The modern city, rife with excess, social networks and organized crime. During this new adventure, players will follow in the footsteps of Lucia and Jason, a criminal couple Whom we see coming into the store with a scarf over his face and weapons in hand. The first trailer was released earlier than expected due to leaks Framing. We looked for the atmosphere, tone, characters and “color” that gave the game. It wasn’t a question of introducing gameplay, but rather a question of direction.

In addition to this tour Directly provoking Bonnie and Clyde, social networks should be part of the directly addressed themes, and we suspect that cryptocurrencies and other NFTs will be introduced in one way or another. For the moment, the title of Rockstar NAnnounced only on PS5 and Xbox series, but it seems hard to imagine that PCs won’t be affected sooner or later. Meanwhile we have to be patient. Rockstar releases its communications plan as it sees fit, presenting items at regular intervals until release. In the case of Red Dead Redemption II, we started with a short teaser leading up to release, before seeing more trailer after trailer.

GTA 6 will release when 100% "Creatively optimized"Rockstar is always striving for perfection!

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GTA VI: Between expectations, commercial needs and the desire to achieve “perfection”.

Regarding this release, we recently learned that Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, It revised its forecast downwards for the fiscal year ending March 2025.. For many, this means that GTA VI probably won’t be released until at least April 2025. feeling reinforced by Statements from Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. Asked how the release of a game like GTA was decided, he replied:

We strive for perfection, and when we think we’ve maximized creativity, it’s time to quit. (…) We’re all in this together (and) there’s potentially an internal tension between bringing a product to market and creating perfection, but this society values ​​perfection.

To another investor, he suggested that according to management, GTA VI was much more anticipated than GTA V in its time. The latter, however, was aided by GTA Online, which has sold over 195 million copies. Take-Two has noted the enormous anticipation surrounding GTA VI but has It is difficult to predict how GTA VI will perform commercially After its publication. One thing is for sure: it will be very difficult to do as well or better than GTA V. Rockstar will probably keep this in mind, not wanting to rush the release of the title. These responses clearly show that Rockstar, Which is almost an anomaly by only releasing very few gamesStaying true to its idea of ​​releasing games “when they’re ready”.

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While some will have to be more patient than others before being able to play Rockstar’s new video game, GTA 6 won’t be available on all platforms after its release.

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