Great disappointment among traders

Does Black Friday affect winter sales? Retail Int. Panel findings. For Commerce Alliance, which reports a 6% decrease in turnover in the first three weeks of sales compared to the year 2023, it is far from opposing this explanation, at least to some extent.

Winter sales turnover fell by 6%

There is clearly a sense of disappointment among traders counting on improving their turnover during the winter sales. When the curtain comes down, the results are not encouraging. Retail Int. Panel findings. For Commerce Alliance, relayed by free lunch, Improving: Turnover is down 6%. As a reminder, the panel brings together about sixty major brands Monoprix, Promod, Lacoste Or Minnelli. “Sales period started badly, ended badly”Summarizes Jean-Guillaume Deray, general delegate of the Union of Independents and Small Businesses (SDI), quoted by the source.

To do business, that is “In the first 10 to 15 days, after that it doesn’t work”, he explains. there “Another Markdown” should be given new life, “But we haven’t seen any momentum this year.”, he adds. Jean-Guillaume Dare says he observed “A reduction in turnover among its members between 15% and 30% compared to 2023. For many years, they expect less”. In addition, “20% of members surveyed say they were influenced by the farmers’ strike movement, towards the end of the sale,” he explained.

Declining purchasing power, multiplication of promotions…

As purchasing power was affected, the decline affected almost all sales. Ready-to-wear has declined by 5.6% since 2019. A level which “We haven’t caught up yet”Françoise-Marie Grau, General Delegate of the French Women’s Ready-to-Wear Federation, is sorry. “With all the promotions planned throughout the year it is becoming more and more difficult to be successful in sales”, says Christel Frassey, president of the Downtown Narbonne Merchants Association. Black Friday? yes, “People wait for that moment and don’t consume anymore”, She said that. It must be said that there is a lot of truth in the logic, especially since gifts are mainly given during year-end celebrations.

Overall, among traders, it is a big disappointment. But is it on the point of calling one of the major business events of the year into question? Jean-Guillaume Deray doesn’t go that far, because “For traders, they (promotions, editor’s note) allow them to sell unsold stocks”And “It would be a shame to break up these two events, even if they lose their power”.

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