Grand Theft Auto 5’s Michael Actor Slams GTA 6 ‘Wack’ Allegations

Ten years after the last game, Grand Theft Auto 6 It’s finally happening, but its trailer, highlighting its new protagonist, has some people grumbling about how the series has ‘woke up’. Ned Luke, who plays co-star Michael in GTA 5, has given his response to the allegations.

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 has been ridiculously popular with over 160 million views on YouTube. However, some have taken issue with the first reveal of the crime-heavy open-world game, accusing it of being ‘woke’.

Some of the criticism, which often revolves around new protagonist Lucia, is downright sinister. “Yo You promise the fans will do You regret it,” reads one tweet, warning Rockstar not to ‘wake’ GTA 6. “They’re going to ruin GTA VI Politics,” is another sentiment.

Ned Luke, who played Michael in Grand Theft Auto 5, expressed his opinion on this nonsense in a recent interview, The Gamer reports. Speaking to IGN, he commented: “You get a lot of clowns here, ‘Rockstar is waking up, they’re entering the world’s wake’.”

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“There have been other female protagonists in the past, but obviously not in anything as huge as this,” he continued, admiring what he had seen so far. The buzz is that Lucia is going to be the game’s co-protagonist but it’s also possible that, after GTA 5’s three playable characters, she’s the only main one.

Luke praised his experience at Rockstar, commenting that he never had a bad day working there.

GTA 6 is still at least a year away. It’s landing on consoles in 2025, but while a PC launch is all but guaranteed, Rockstar has yet to confirm a window.

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