Google lays off hundreds of employees from its ad sales division

The California-based group assured that the changes to the service will allow it to better support SMEs, with more customers being supported.
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The Californian group, however, assures that it will create new positions and increase the number of jobs this year, against the backdrop of changes associated with the rise of generative artificial intelligence.

It was the result of Silicon Valley that was feared. Google on Tuesday confirmed the layoffs of several hundred people in its global advertising sales team, as a growing number of administrative and creative tasks are automated using artificial intelligence (AI). “Every year, we follow a rigorous process to structure our team to provide the best service to our advertising clients (…). In this regard, several hundred positions are being eliminated worldwide“, declared a spokesperson for the Internet giant. “Affected employees will be able to apply for open positions within the team or elsewhere at Google“, he clarified. This information was first reported by Business Insider.

The Californian group has confirmed that the changes to the service will allow it to better support SMEs, with more clients to support, while the rest of the staff will focus on larger corporate clients. Google also plans to create new roles and ramp up hiring this year, signaling an even bigger shift than during the pandemic. The online search giant did not mention generative artificial intelligence (automated production of various content), which is however in the process of disrupting many sectors, including advertising.

AI automates creation

Last week, Google Cloud announced new AI and Generative AI solutions.To help retailers personalize online purchases, modernize operations and transform the deployment of new technologies in stores», according to a press release of the Remote Computing Branch. New tools allow brands to create virtual agents capable of interacting with consumers on websites and mobile applications in a more fluid and sophisticated way than chatbots without generative AI.

The technology, which has been lighting up Silicon Valley and beyond for the past year, also accelerates and automates creation. One of the new Google Cloud tools, “Generative AI to create and analyze product images and associated descriptive text, and automatically generate content such as compelling product descriptions, product metadata, and search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly language.», underlines the press release. Google laid off nearly 12,000 people (6% of its workforce) in January 2023 due to inflation and rising interest rates, which equates to reduced advertising spending. The internet giant has since invested heavily in generative AI.

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