Get ready, Season 2 may be moving away from video games! (spoiler alert)

Few video game adaptations can boast of being unanimously praised by fans and critics alike. And yet, so is The Last of Us! Released last year, the series was praised by connoisseurs of the video game franchise, but also by the media. Everyone agrees that the show has managed to perfectly write the atmosphere of the game along with the story. Not to mention a casting choice that was 100% approved by fans and critics.


So everyone is eagerly awaiting the second season of The Last of Us, which should arrive on HBO in early 2025. What will happen next? If video game fans think they know everything, maybe Season 2 will take away from the game’s story! In any case, Pedro Pascal indicated this during an exchange with Deadline during the Sundance Film Festival.

Pedro Pascal doubted!

As reported by Screen Rant, Pedro Pascal suggested that the second season of The Last of Us might not follow the history of the video game franchise. The actor explained that he doesn’t know the details yet, but he believes that changes are inevitable and that there will necessarily be key elements of the video game that will be changed for season 2 of The Last of Us.

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Pedro Pascal, however, is confident: as with the first season, he is sure that the writers will find the perfect balance to present an original story, but remain faithful to the source material.

“Does (Season 2) detract from the game? That’s a good question. I think the writers will always find ways to build on the amazing source material they have and surprise us with how they can use that material in a different format like a TV series. But I don’t want to spoil (Season 2) for anyone, and the truth is that I don’t have all the information yet. »

As a reminder, the second season of The Last of Us will adapt the story of “The Last of Us Part II”: released in 2020, the game takes place four years after the events of the first opus. We find an older Ellie who takes part in a revenge fight when Joel is shot by Abby, a former Firefly. Both will hunt each other with the intention of killing each other…

Does this mean that Joel will also die in season 2 of the series? Now that Pedro Pascal has expressed doubt, nothing is certain anymore! can continue.

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