French League Nice records new attendance record during LFL Days 2024

Like previous editions, LFL Days Nice 2024, held on February 7 and 8, marked a pivotal moment for the French League of Legends scene. The event reached a record audience, peaking at over 234,000 viewers during the match between the Gentle Mets and Carmine Corp Blue.

The excitement of LFL Days Nice 2024

On 7 and 8 February, Nice hosted the LFL Days of Spring Split 2024, a major event for the League of Legends community in France, highlighting the ten main teams of the French League (LFL). With a capacity of 9,000 people, the Palace Nikai served as the theater for the event, which promised an electric atmosphere for both participants and spectators. During the event, ten decisive matches for the LFL standings took place, culminating in a highly anticipated match between the teams of Kameto and Gotaga, respectively, between Carmine Corp Blue and Gentle Mets on Thursday evening. The matchup marks the fourth weekend of the regular season and this Nice escapade.

For this 2024 edition, a special system has been put in place, allowing teams to comment live at Palace Nicaea on the performance of their players. Several teams took advantage of this opportunity, including Gentle Mates with Brax, Gotaga and Doigby, as well as Carmine Corp with Kameto and Team Du Sud with Slippyx. Thanks to this system and the general enthusiasm for LFL days, the French league broke its previous attendance record, with a peak of over 234,000 spectators during a match between the Gentle Mets and Carmine Corp Bleu, breaking the record previously held by the LFL Spring. Divide 2022 by 10.4%. Gotaga and Kameto each reached peak audiences of over 90,000 viewers on their respective channels, becoming the most followed individual channels of the event.

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With this first physical event of its 6th season, the LFL reached a new all-time record with 200,000 concurrent spectators, during the last match of the day between Carmine Corp and Gentle Mets. This new audience record and the engagement of the fan communities throughout the event prove that the French League of Legends league continues to grow and supports the development of the French esports ecosystem. We can only have fun, especially in a pleasant environment like the city of Nice!

Bertrand Amar, Head of Esport Webedia

© Elliot Le Corre, LFL Days Nice 2024 for Webdia

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