France’s XV: “He doesn’t care about us”, “Indecent”, “He’s been hoodwinked”… Fabian Galthy violently criticized by a legend of the blues

The French team coach’s communication and choice of words has angered some rugby players, including veterans who follow the Blues’ news closely, particularly their progress to the 2024 6 Nations tournament.

He expressed grief in his column La Dépêche du Midi, that coach Fabian Galthe and his staff did not precisely provide the public with a detailed analysis of the failure of the last Rugby World Cup in France. He was surprised that Antoine Dupont did not participate at all in the 2024 6 Nations tournament to devote himself to the Olympic adventure with the France 7. Pierre Berbizier, former international scrum-half (65 years; 56 caps) and coach of the French XV between 1991 and 1995, has been a knowledgeable observer of the Blues’ performances.

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This is why he sometimes surprises himself with some of the post-match analysis, especially from coach Fabian Galthini. Lotois, in place since 2019, is going through a period of turmoil. After a World Cup failure and a quarter-final loss to South Africa, the French completely missed out on their return to the opener of the 6 Nations tournament with a heavy home loss to Ireland (38-17) in Marseille.

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And last Saturday February 10, the threat of a third shock in a row was strong, when the Blues played in Scotland. They won with difficulty (20-16), after the performance – as the players admitted – was not successful. The selector declared that he found the content “awesome” and “perfect”.

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Enough to make Pierre Berbizier jump a little: “He doesn’t care about you (journalists, editor’s note) so he doesn’t care about us,” he says without giving up. team. “It’s vulgar when we compare it to the poise and dignity of the Scots. To me, the technician Galthy was unmasked at the World Cup, he lost credit but he wants to be the central character, he’s committed to this offbeat communication. He’s . That against the rest of the world. Instead, after a victory like that, I would have kept a low profile.”

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Former hooker Fabrice Landreau, still with team, Tempers: “Having said that, Fabian serves as a shield and protects his staff,” says one who worked with the coach at Stade Francais and Toulon. “He wants to serve as a lightning rod. I know he is champing at the bit. He is waiting for the rainbow to find more peace. I think he is convinced that this French team will show a different face.”

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He continues: “The case against him is exaggerated. Everything comes to the surface. Already, those who don’t like the man. Sometimes we see criticism about his glasses… We try to bring the man down, maybe he’s French. . The memories come back to me, we wanted Bernard Laporte’s head the same way when he was coach.”

Next meeting for the Blues in this 6 Nations 2024: France-Italy, Sunday February 25 (4pm) in Lille.

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