Formula 1 | Ferrari introduced the SF-24, its new F1 for 2024

Ferrari introduced the SF-24, its (...)

Ferrari has unveiled its all-new F1 for the 2024 season, the SF-24. The Scuderia car will be driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, before Lewis Hamilton joins the Maranello team next year.

As expected after the release of Ferrari’s combinations and various teasers, the colors are evolving, and from 2022 black gives way to white and yellow on the single-seater’s trim.

As for Ferrari, the desire is to get closer to the livery of the official hypercar prototype, the 24 Hours of Le Mans 499P, as the Italian manufacturer triumphs in June 2023 with these colors.

A conventional but well developed single-seater

On the technical side, we obviously see a lot of new features, which is not surprising as the Scuderia confirmed that it will adopt a completely new concept after struggling to develop its SF-23 base last year.

We note that the suspension remains in the same configuration as last year. There is pushrod suspension at the front and pullrod suspension at the rear. Ferrari keeps its triangular air intakes smaller than the driver.

The pontoons remain wide but, as is the 2024 trend, very wide in their lower part. They are slightly higher than 2023 at their top. There is also a fin below the air intake of the sidepods, which allows the airflow to be better redirected towards the radiators.

Compared to the SF-24’s two predecessors, the car’s snout is flatter and wider. However, at the rear we find a more sculpted engine cover, which allows both to cool the engine better, with the appearance of “cannon cooling”, beloved by all teams, but also to redirect the air towards the diffuser, beam wing and. aileron

Find all HD photos of Ferrari SF-24!

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