For now, The Last of Us Part III is just a concept

Neil Druckmann revealed in a documentary that there was a concept for a sequel to Naughty Dog. The Last of Us Part II. A semi-confirmation that will surprise no one.

About a year ago, Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckman tried to make us believe. The Last of Us Part III Probably doesn’t exist. Today, the discourse has changed somewhat. In the documentary Grounded II, which provides behind-the-scenes information on the second opus, the person concerned was more specific about the possibilities of seeing it. The Last of Us Part III. And, half-heartedly, he confirmed that the project existed in the studio.

I wondered if there was another concept to explore. For years I got nothing. But that has just changed. I don’t have a story, but I do have a concept that I find just as interesting as the first two games. It is independent, but there is a connection between the three. So there might be another chapter, yes… », confides Neil Druckmann. Note that the making-off published on February 2 ends with these words. This is not trivial and we can see it as a form of teasing The Last of Us Part III.

Our last Part III confirms it, but you’ll have to be patient

Neil Druckman is very clear on the inspiration for Naughty Dog: the idea of ​​doing too many one episode would never occur. If the developers want to move on because they feel they have nothing left to say, they will. In this sense, The Last of Us Part II, revived on PlayStation 5, could be the conclusion. ” If we stop there, it will be a great ending. The story is over. And, at Naughty Dog, nothing is forced », confides Neil Druckmann.

It says nothing about the “concept” behind it The Last of Us Part III. He simply recalls that the first game published ” A parent’s unconditional love for their child “, while others focused on “ Seeking justice at all costs ” What could be Neil Druckmann’s new idea? No one can say. Given the flow of violence The Last of Us Part IIWe probably see a quiet tone.

Neil Druckman discusses The Last of Us Part III // Source: ScreenshotNeil Druckman discusses The Last of Us Part III // Source: Screenshot
Neil Druckman discusses The Last of Us Part III // Source: Screenshot

Another point to note, though The Last of Us Part III Currently just a concept, which means we’re no closer to seeing it happen. Naughty Dog is focused on anything else and it will be several years before we see the first images (if the project gets the green light, which seems like a formality).

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