For GTA 6 to be truly complete, Rockstar should improve this feature in its famous online mode

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What makes the famous GTA 5 a success (in the long run) is undoubtedly its online mode. Besides that, it is often used for RP (or roleplay). To do this, players embody various characters, as if they were actually residents of Los Santos. Another virtual life, which many like to explore and watch. As French speakers noted via Twitch, RP streams are increasingly popular on GTA 5 thanks to Billy, Emine, Cameto and Locklear. It brings thousands of viewers together around these crazy stories, and lets everyone travel to another world and meet exciting characters. Real improvised stories, animated by content creators, that appeal.

Until now, official RP servers are created by fans for the PC version of GTA 5. The online mode does not offer a strictly speaking RP adventure, although players can create their own story there. But as GTA 6 approaches, we inevitably say that A rockstar product can develop this trend itself which works very well!

RP for GTA 6, good idea?

If there’s one thing RP fans can expect from GTA 6, it’s that the production has its own roleplay system on PC and consoles. However, this is not a simple matter. Nothing has been confirmed by Rockstar yet, but many are already speculating Grand Theft Auto 6 can present official role playing game servers In its online experience, through online mode.

For this, fans of the discipline have high hopes that the studio will work hand in hand with the biggest names in RP as well as server creators from around the world. The goal would be, if RP is a possibility on GTA 6, to make sure it lets its players do everything (or almost). On top of that, Rockstar should focus on making Vice City feel truly alive and realistic. What could be better than the media for this?

PR media for more realism

Here’s a technique that more and more RP servers around the world are implementing to give their universes more realism: media. What better way to bring players together and see what’s happening around them than with a daily server news bulletin? In GTA, many radio stations already exist, but once the game is released, it stops being updated. With so many PR enthusiasts like journalists, anchors and the like, why use their talents Current shows, podcasts, newsletters?

These broadcasts will allow players to stay up to date with RP’s biggest personalities and their storylines, while making the server’s community feel more connected as a whole. No one knows if GTA 6’s years of development would have allowed the video game colossus to consider all of these possibilities in terms of RP, but we do know that Rockstar would have every interest in recentralizing the trend directly to its platform, especially allowing console players to access it. to give. Despite everything, many users strongly hope that the studio will call the developers of these servers To work effectively in the new virtual world!

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